Human Selected CD34+ Cells (GMP)

Product Description

Ossium Inventa’s CD34+ cells are aseptically selected from the bone marrow of vertebral bodies by density gradient and positive immunomagnetic separation. The standard GMP vial contains 25M CD34+ cells, though other volumes may be available upon request.

Product Name SKU Quantity
GMP Selected CD34+ Cells from HPC, Marrow INVC-005-25 25 million cell / vial


The selected CD34+ cells are analyzed for purity and viability by flow cytometry. Cells are adjusted to a final concentration in buffer containing DMSO for cryopreservation, with post-thaw viability at or above 95%.


Ossium Inventa’s Human CD34+ cells should be stored in liquid or vapor-phase LN2 immediately upon receipt. Before use, cells should be prepared according to the Instructions for Thawing and Preparation of Ossium Inventa’s Cryopreserved CD34+ cells, which will be provided to customers.

GMP cells are suitable for use in IND-approved clinical studies. Ossium maintains an FDA Master File and may grant reference letters to customers filing INDs upon request and review.